Roxana Hidan

Head of SME Business at OTP Bank Romania and IE Alumna EMBA 2014

It is not people who make life, but life which makes people.

Roxana belongs to a country that experienced totalitarian regime, isolation and austerity for at least 30 years. Her family story is simple, however unsual for that time. Roxana’ s mother dared to dream and become a student in the 60s, when women hardly had the privileged to be considered intellectuals in Romania.

She was Roxana’s model and inspiration. Like her mother, Roxana graduated the Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Finance, Banking and Stock Exchange. Challenges followed. Although a bloody revolution turned the communist regime into history wiping all its evils, people’s mentality hardly accepted that a young pretty woman could provide them professional advice or solution for finance and economic problems.

Little did they know about her. Tenacious, determined and committed, Roxana climbed step by step achieving higher positions and responsibilities. Business environment and financial market became her favorite play-ground. Her ingeniousity and assumed solutions labeled her as a perspective leader in the Romanian banking system.

The validation came along with her recognition as the youngest CEO and Chairman of the Management Board while being involved in the multifaced merger project of OTP Bank and Millennnium Bank in Romania.

She has never stopped considering that women have to be given more than respect and appreciation. Her legacy means to become the role model she herself had, making other young women from her country dream to succeed in a domain where men rule, because life is like business, about receiving and giving.