Esteban Granero

Professional football player for Real Sociedad

Esteban Granero is a 28 year old Spanish footballer who plays midfield for Real Sociedad in the Spanish First Division League.

Aside from currently being in top form in his career, Granero has enjoyed success from very early on. He has played in both La Liga and the Premier League, has been part of the youth national teams, and played over 100 games with Real Madrid, the world’s most prestigious football club.

His career includes participation in the world’s most important international competitions including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, U20 FIFA World Cup, among others. But beyond his dedication to his sport, Granero has been able to pursue educational challenges, having majored in Psychology, and has developed cultural and social endeavors and programs which have made him an influential figure within the sports community, but having a reach far beyond it.

Granero is currently friend of the Brand Baume & Mercier, and has been preparing to become a football manager. He’s also involved in different business endeavors that speak highly of his entrepreneurial spirit.