Artur Mendes

CEO at Fairmont Corporate Finance, IE Alumnus, Executive Master in Positive Leadership & Strategy 2015.

Artur Mendes is an executive born in Portugal. Finished recently (2015) a Master in Positive Leadership and Strategy at IE-Business School at Madrid that joined to an extensive experience managing Projects in Portugal, Spain and lately also in Africa.

Currently leads Fairmont – Corporate Finance managing different M&A Projects in Media, Food Retail, Railways, Energy and IT sectors. This Company also manages its own share’s portfolio in Portugal – restaurants, leisure, drinks and parkings (Sushiana, Gin House, Gin NAO, Low Cost Parking Group) – and Mozambique – transports mobility (Caetano Equipamentos Moz) and TV Contents (Big Box Moz). Nowadays he’s leading the launch of a “third generation” coffee shops chain based on mindful Human Resources Management, Client Service and Workplace.

As a hobby he conceived, organized and led the professional Strategy, Communication and Marketing team of the political project of former Prime Minister of Portugal – Pedro Passos Coelho. Also has assumed an active social action leading NGO’s specialized in the development of animal rights and welfare.