Rodrigo Niño

Rodrigo Niño

CEO at Prodigy Network
Crowdfunding in Real Estate

Rodrigo Niño, CEO and Founder of Prodigy Network, is revolutionizing both the real estate and crowdfunding industries by being the first to meld the two worlds in the United States.

A Colombian native and a Manhattan resident, Niño has proven Prodigy Network’s crowdfunding model as an efficient and secure mechanism that enables smaller investors from around the world to invest in specific projects that were solely accessible to the very wealthy before. 

With this model, Niño has raised more than $300 million from 6,200 investors and is currently developing commercial real estate projects in Bogota and Manhattan with a projected value of more than $850 million. Major money center banks like Deutsche Bank, CIBC and Bank of America provided traditional financing for Prodigy’s Manhattan projects, giving further validation to Nino’s model.

Most recently, Professor Karim Lakhani from Harvard Business School published a teaching case on Niño’s work titled, Prodigy Network: Democratizing Real Estate Design and Financing ( Niño believes that crowdfunding will democratize commercial real estate by providing a new asset class for small investors, revolutionizing the industry. 

Niño was the creator of My Ideal City, the first bottom up pilot-approach to a continuous urban design platform ( Beyond commercial real estate, Niño believes the crowd can finance the solution of many of its own urban needs in cities for a profit.