Guillermo de la Dehesa

Guillermo de la Dehesa

President of the International Advisory Board
IE Business School

Born in Madrid in1941, Primary and Secondary School at El Pilar in Madrid. Married to Michéle Barbé, two daughters and three grandsons. Graduation in Law and Economics at Universidad Complutense, Madrid (1962). Government Economist (TCEE) (1968).

In the Government Sector, he has been Director General and later Secretary General at the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Secretary General at the Ministry of Industry and Energy, Secretary of State for Economy and Finance, Member of the 113 Committee and the ECOFIN in Brussels and of the OCDE in Paris. Deputy Director General at Banco de España.

In the Private Sector, he is former CEO of Banco Pastor (1988-2002), International Advisor to Goldman Sachs, since 1988, Director of Campofrío Food Group (1992-2014), Chairman of AVIVA Spain since 1999, Vice Chairman and Executive Committee member of Grupo Santander since 2002, Vice Chairman of Amadeus, since 2010.

In the Academia, he is Chairman of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in London since 1999, Chairman of the IE Business School in Madrid, Chairman of the OBCE (ECB’s Watcher) in Madrid, Member of the Group of Thirty (G30) in Washington, Member of the Eurogroup 50 in Brussels, Member of the Board of Directors of the Global Development Network GDN, New Delhi.

In other non-profit Organizations, he is Chairman of National Queen Sophia Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid, Trustee of the National Prado Museum in Madrid, Trustee of the Fine Arts Centre in Madrid, Chairman of Financieros sin Fronteras in Madrid.

Author of several books and papers published different languages.