Global Alumni Forum - September 30th 2011, Madrid
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Madrid, Friday, 30 September 2011. More than 1300 executives from 55 countries visited Madrid to analyse issues such as the dimensions of happiness and its connection with the economic situation and the measures governments need to take to deal with the economic crisis that affects developed countries.

They also analysed the strategy of the company Televisa, media leader in Latin America and headed by its chairman, Emilio Azcárraga, who, with the participation of Santiago Iñiguez, Dean of IE Business School, and the Professor of Strategy, Charo Silva, analysed the Televisa case recently published by IE.

With Eduardo Punset, recognised Spanish scientific reporter, we made a journey through the world of happiness, the search for it and its implications. He was accompanied by Lee Newman, Dean of IE School of Social & Behavioral Science, and both of them made us reflect seriously on our personal and professional lives.

The Secretary General of the Organisation for Cooperation and Economic Development (OECD), Ángel Gurría, said that the European Union does not need anyone to come along and increase its debt, in reference to help from the so-called BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and that, in his opinion, there are "enough savings" in the European Union for it not to need money from elsewhere. He believes that what the EU needs to do is to make sure that the savings are allocated and "comfortable", since people are saving "too much". As a way out of the crisis, he pointed to a lowering of interest rates by the European Central Bank (ECB) to keep them at "reasonable levels". As another possible measure, Gurría added that the euro cannot be devalued, but debt can be bought, since "on a fiscal level there is little for some and nothing for others". His intervention was presented and chaired by Guillermo de la Dehesa, President of the IE International Advisory Board.

The event was directed by Fernando Barnuevo, President of the IE Alumni Association.

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