Global  Alumni Forum - Lima, 25 de marzo 2011
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How important is innovation to a company's success? How does it affect its sustainability and competitive edge over time? With the current global financial crisis, how have emerging countries, such as Peru, Colombia and Brazil, managed to reach growth rates of 8-9% in recent years? Do businesses recognise the importance of innovation? Do they foster the innovative spirit or do they penalise it if it fails? Is innovation also about dealing with markets that are more global and different?

The Global Alumni Forum held in Lima, Peru on 25 March 2011, addressed these questions. The event also sought to foster networking among alumni and entrepreneurs in the region during the Coffee Break, Lunch, Evening Cocktail Party and interviews with local headhunters.

Participants in the forum included Gonzalo Garland, Vice President for Development at IE Business School, Pablo Martín de Holán, Director of the Entrepreneurship Department of IE Business School, and David Bach, Dean of Programmes at IE Business School, as well as relevant speakers like Carlos Añaños, Chief Executive of Grupo AJE, Juan Xavier Roca, General Director of Falabella Perú, José Revilla, Director of Grupo El Comercio, Gabriel de la Concha, of Mexican construction group ICA, and Francisco Miroquesada, Director of media group El Comercio, who helped us understand the successful strategies of their companies and how the use of innovation played a key role.

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