IE has decided that this year's Global Alumni Forum, next will be not only a time-specific event, but also an occasion for developing and exploring the new challenges and opportunities facing Latin America in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance through its virtual community, ieCommunities.

For this to be possible, the necessary tools will be provided to ensure the appropriate preparation of the GAF and the platform for participants to discuss and draw conclusions from the papers that are read. Furthermore, information will be provided about the tourist, sociocultural and gastronomic options on offer in the city where the event is to be held.

The centre of this initiative will comprise the following: (i) the community of Colombia, which is to provide all the information about the event through its GAF forum and its blog, as well as a site for further discussion about the issues before and after the event; and (ii) networking.

This interaction will allow us to not only meet those taking part in the event, but also make contacts to improve our professional relations. All this is possible thanks to the ieCommunities contacts network, which will enable the location of and communication with professionals from various areas. Then, at the GAF, you will have the corresponding opportunity to make personal contact with them.

As we know, the best formula in these times of uncertainty is an agenda full of contacts and there is no better place for that than ieCommunities. Accordingly, we recommend you log on to

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