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Previous Editions
Alumni Forum 2016
Challenging Success – More than 1500 participants debated about what a successful world looks like, what success is in the workplace, and how personal success is defined at the Alumni Forum 2016 held at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid.
Alumni Forum 2015
Why Innovation Matters? Business leaders, government representatives and entrepreneurs collectively discussed about innovation trends and how to adapt in order to survive and boost our potential.
Alumni Forum 2013
1500 executives from more than 50 countries, alumni, students, professors and members of boards of IE attended the IE Alumni Forum 2013 at the North Auditorium of IFEMA, Madrid, on November 15.
Alumni Forum Madrid 2012
One thousand five hundred professionals from over 50 countries comprising alumni, professors, directors and members of the different IE boards, attended the IE Alumni Forum 2012 held on September 14 in Madrid. In the course of the event they examined the economic and political challenges now facing the world, as well analyzing the challenge of fostering entrepreneurship, with the help of investors and alumni entrepreneurs. HRH The Prince of Asturias presided the opening ceremony of the Alumni Forum 2012.
Global Alumni Forum Madrid 2011
More than 1300 executives from 55 countries visited Madrid to analyses issues such as the dimensions of happiness and its connection with the economic situation and the measures governments need to take to deal with the economic crisis that affects developed countries.
Global Alumni Forum Lima 2011
Key players from the world of politics and entrepreneurship joined us to share their vision of the importance of innovation, entrepreneurship and academia. Peru was the venue of the APEC and ALC-UE forums in 2009, which resulted in it becoming a reference for both local and international investment.
Global Alumni Forum Madrid 2010
More than 1200 executives from 50 countries met in Madrid at the IE Global Alumni Forum to explore ways to exit the economic crisis with experts that included Joaquín Almunia, Luis Rojas Marcos and Bernardo Kliksberg. This year the annual meeting of IE alumni is focused on addressing the economic crisis, the fight against poverty and managing critical situations from a personal perspective.
Global Alumni Forum Cartagena de Indias 2009
Is Corporate Governance responsible for the world financial crisis? How has the crisis affected the development of Corporate Social Responsibility practices? What´s the contribution of Latin American companies in the development of Corporate Social Responsibility trends and models for the world? Answering these questions was the main objective of the Global Alumni Forum, held on June 19 in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. The conference was attended by more than two hundred IE alumni and executives from Latin America and the world, who gathered to enhance their network through the Network Lounge and meetings with Head Hunters.
Global Alumni Forum Madrid 2008
Alumni Forum Madrid 2008
How long will the recession last in the United States? Will this country lose its position as the driving force behind world growth? Can any of the emerging countries be considered as candidates for this position? Are we moving into an economic world that is different from today's? Answering these and many more questions was the purpose of the IE Annual Conference that was held on 21 November 2008 in the North Auditorium of IFEMA in Madrid. The conference was attended by more than one thousand IE alumni from over 50 countries.
Global Alumni Forum México DF 2008
Alumni Forum México DF 2008
On February 8 the IE Global Alumni Forum took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City. Centered around "Leadership & Networking", it was the first large-scale event for IE alumni to be held outside Spain and was attended by over 300 people, including alumni from Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, US, Guatemala, Mexico and UK. IE received invaluable help in organising the event from major companies that included Grupo Televisa, Telefónica, Mont Blanc, La Europea, Banamex and Toyota.
Global Alumni Forum Madrid 2007
Alumni Forum Madrid 2007
Under the title, Managing a Changing Planet, more than 1500 IE alumni, came from more than 50 countries to gather at the IE Annual Alumni Conference. This conference took place on 16 November 2007 at IFEMA, Madrid. At the event, a very varied programme of conferences was presented, together with two roundtables in which the speakers considered essential subjects within this field of thought and debate. These included the topics: the challenges facing energy regarding respect for the environment and natural resources: in search of a sustainable balance; environmental challenges and future alternatives; demographic globalization; business opportunities arising from the population change; forms of business in a new world order and the importance of knowing how to deal with new markets and their respective cultures from a national and global point of view.
Global Alumni Forum Madrid 2006
Alumni Forum Madrid 2006
More than1000 alumni of the IE, coming from 50 countries, attended the 2006 Annual Alumni Conference Managing the technology challenge, held last 24 November at IFEMA's North Auditorium in Madrid. The full day programme of conferences and round-tables looked at topics such as new technologies and the expectations revolution, the attention economy, the technology challenge of the XXI Century, nanotechnology and its impact on industry success stories in the context of business and technology, business models based on the development of disruptive technologies, and new technology challenges for corporations in the face of globalization.
Global Alumni Forum Madrid 2005
Alumni Forum Madrid 2005
The 2005 annual conference had a great impact for Instituto de Empresa alumni in that it provided a unique platform for the exchange of experiences with executives, entrepreneurs and key players from academic, financial and business communities worldwide. The conference was attended by more than 1000 alumni from over 25 countries, many of whom had come to Madrid specifically for the occasion from countries like Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba , United States, France, Greece, Holland, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Switzerland and Venezuela.
Global Alumni Forum Madrid 2004
Alumni Forum Madrid 2004
This year, it is to take place in the North Auditorium at Ifema on Friday, 24 November. The title of this edition is MANAGING THE TECHNOLOGY CHALLENGE, a concept to which, as one of our alumni, you are greatly committed.
Global Alumni Forum Madrid 2003
Alumni Forum Madrid 2003
Under the motto Corporate Reputation and Diversity: New Business Challenges, we celebrated the first annual conference of IE Alumni on the 26th and 27th of June in Madrid. We successfully reunited more than 550 graduates and 20 distinguished figures from the academic, business and media world.